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Athletes should be able to run non-stop for 60 minutes before attending. Please make sure rides are available for athlete to be picked up no later than 15 minutes after completion. Make sure all forms are complete - all signatures including the athelte. Sign up for our XC email list and SMS alert system here to stay informed, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Athletes should always be prepared for weather conditions, have water, and make arrangements for prompt pickup from practice. Additional information can be found in the Handbook. Please make sure you read through our attendance policies for when the season officially begins in August. If you are confused about shoes talk to me first, or visit Fleet Feet on Lake Murray Blvd. You may email us at

7th graders and older may participate. Rising 7th graders may attend conditioning after the last day of their 6th grade year. Please see our handbook for more details

How to join

Dutch Fork High School has elected to collect pre-participation forms online through PlanetHS. Both the parent and student will need to create a PlanetHS account to complete and digitally sign the web-forms. Follow the steps at this link to start pre-participation registration.

During school, practice is every day, 3:55pm-5:45pm @ DFHS. Practice may run longer, but please have rides prearranged for pickup at 5:45. Athletes should ALWAYS bring water with them and be prepared for inclement weather. Please read our Handbook section to make sure you can meet attendance requirements before committing.

Summer Running

Cross Country will begin on Monday August 7th, 7:30 am at Dutch Fork High School.  Runners will have a 5K time trail to be able to assess the current ability of each athlete.  Summer running is highly recommended.  A suggested running schedule will be provided to each athlete.  New runners may want to contact Coach Lindler to be put in touch with the team captains.  There are no team organized conditioning runs during the summer.  All athletes are HIGHLY encouraged to run with others per the recommended schedule.  Please remember to eat well, rest appropriately, and stay well hydrated.  You should never run without eating first, with plenty of time for the food to digest.  Runners should always make sure a responsible party knows where and when they are running for safety reasons.

If you follow the suggested schedule, it is recommended that if you miss a day, you just skip that day and maintain the schedule.  Do not try to do “catch up” mileage.  Consistency is the key to success.  Please note there are scheduled rest days - these are designed for REST!  Allow your body to heal and recover from the rigors of summer running.  Late in the season when two-a-day runs are scheduled, be very mindful of the heat.  Please make sure you have proper nutrition and hydration to sustain the runs.  Do not try to overrun your body’s ability.  Good shoes are a must!

The work you put in in the summer will help ensure a successful fall.  If you are willing to do the work this summer, good things will happen in the fall.  Remember there is a time trial on the first day of practice.