Miscellaneous Info

Summer Camp Info (2016)

Athletes should be at the front of the school Sunday by 10:50 am, so that we can load and be leaving by 11:15. Remember they MUST have the 3 additional forms they were given. Please make sure they are completely filled out and signed. I'll have a notary at the school if you need to them notarized. Runners should eat before we go - we will stop for a bathroom break on the way to App State, but not for a meal. At the bus, I will have their uniforms, and "hopefully" their team shirts they ordered if they arrive on time. We should return around 3 on Thursday. We will have the athletes call when we are about 30 minutes away from school.

When we arrive at camp, they will have a few minutes to unpack, then go on a run before dinner. (yes, its a running camp ).

At camp, the rooms are not air conditioned, but don't need to be. We usually have great weather, with highs around 80, and lows at night around 58 or so. Rooms will have a small refrigerator and microwave. They will share a community hall bathroom. They will alsoneed to bring their own linens (sheets, pillow and pillowcase, towels and wash clothes) or a sleeping bag. The beds are long twin. There are no phones in the room.

They will need to bring with them some spending money just in case. Everything is already paid for, but you never know, and they may want to buy some things from the campus store, snacks, etc. Runners may want to bring an extra pair of running shoes in case of rain, plenty of comfortable clothes, a light jacket, toiletries, medical items, braces or guards if they run with them, plenty of socks, bathing suit, water bottle,and any personal items that they might need. They will also want to bring plenty of healthy snacks! They will only have access to the cafeteria three times a day. They may want to bring a small fan if they think they will need it.

They should be very mindful of what valuables they bring. The dorms are locked ( and hopefully the athletes will lock their rooms ), but things happen.

All school rules apply on this trip. Males and females are in different dorms and should under no circumstance, be in a room of the opposite sex other than the lobby or commons area. I, as coach, reserve the right to impose any additional restrictions as I feel necessary during the trip. As always, good judgement and common sense should cover most issues that arise.

Athletes should monitor their own injuries or discomforts and make the best decision for themselves what they should and should not do. A full training staff is on hand from 7AM - 11PM every day we are at camp.

I will be posting photos and updates on our Facebook page, and via Twitter. You can find that information on the main page of our website.

Email us with any questions: dutchforkrunners@gmail.com

You should have my cell number. text is preferred.

While at App State, here are are the numbers for University Police

Emergency: 828 (262-8000)

Non-Emergency: 828 (262-2150)

3-day strength workout plan for summer: download

XTerra 5K

Again this year, our team is helping with the Xterra Half Marathon at Harbison State Forest Sunday July 10. There is a 5K our athletes can run for free at 7:10 AM. Although this 5K is not a team sanctioned event nor in any way required, its a great opportunity for our runners to get a feel for where they are conditioning-wise. There are actually two races happening that Sunday, the Xterra Harbison Half Marathon, and the 5K. They have made a special offer to our runners - if they are willing to stay after the 5K until about 11:30 and help with the half - marathon, they can enter for free! Otherwise, if they just want to run the 5K they will have to pay the registration fee. Helping with the half marathon would involve staffing water stations, helping at the finish line, etc. The half marathon starts at 7 am, 10 minutes before the 5K starts.

If your athlete would like to run the 5K for free and help with the half marathon, please visit the website link below, click on the link for the online registration, complete the registration accurately, and enter the promo code your captains have given you to waive the registration fee. Remember, its free only if you can stay and help the entire time. Be sure and let your captains know that you have registered and are planning on helping by July 5th.

Click here for information and a map

We could also use people to help that are not running the 5K, so please consider helping out. Please email any questions about the Harbison Forest run to Kerri Stansbury ( Hayden's mom ) at kerristansbury@hotmail.com . Athletes planning on running the 5K, should plan on being at the race around 6:15 for proper warm up.

2016 Summer Conditioning

Starting in June, Summer conditioning is an optional activity organized by the captains. It is not an official team activity. No coaches will be present. If you have any concerns about student lead conditioning with no coaches present, athlete should not attend, and should run on their own. Conditioning is NOT formal practice, and no one is required to attend. Always bring water! All forms below must be completed each year, so before you come to conditioning, I must have the NEW physical packet, including the completed checklist! If you ran with us before, you will not need another copy of your birth certificate, but you will need all other items, dated April 1, 2016 or later. If you ran Track & Field, your physical can be brought July 1, but all other forms must be given to me the first day you attend conditioning.